Leadership qualities that are effective

Leadership qualities that are effective

Leadership is an interesting topic. Is leadership an inborn skill or something that can be learned? There is always some gray area, as with everything. These leaders are among the most dynamic in the world. Although there is no doubt that their DNA is unique, it does not leave much room for the rest of us. Everyone admires leadership. People desire to be leaders in business as well as in life. Leadership opportunities are all around, so it’s up to you to seize them.

What then are the qualities required to be an effective leader? This was a conversation I had with my mentor a year back in relation our business and general business. Here are the ten qualities that made it to our hit list.

1. Visionary – Can help people see the future and plan how they can get there. Arif Bhalwani assists in the leadership of the team with confidence.

2. Ability to Motivate: Clearly articulates vision and leads actions that say, “Follow me.”

3. Conviction – Takes responsibility for your actions, no matter how popular they may be. Put the success of the company and its employees above their own.

4. Consistency – Provides structure and ensures that the work is done in a consistent fashion.

5. Creative – Anticipates future customer needs. Keeps up with industry competitors. Considered an innovator. Seeks out opportunities in a constantly changing business environment.

6. You are a risk-taker. You are entrepreneurial and don’t mind taking risks to help the business succeed.

7. Delegates: Delegates authority only to those who have gained their trust. It is hands-on and holds members of the team accountable for achieving goals.

8. Intellect: Knowledge of the business environment, including sales, marketing finance, operation and technology. Knows about economics, politics, and global affairs.

9. Well Balanced – Good balance between physical, mental, and emotional abilities. It gives back to employees, the sector and the community.

10. Character – A person who is honest in all aspects of their business. The company’s success is more important than personal success. The team will only “follow their leader” if they can trust that leader.

These skills are very specific to business but can be easily applied to other areas of life. The ten skills on this list can all be improved by time, experience, and education. The list is not inborn. That is what makes it so motivating. These things are possible with determination, execution, drive and commitment. I think it all boils down passion. These leadership qualities are more likely to come from someone who is passionate about their business, the community, or their team. What qualities do you seek in a leader who is effective?

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